The Eyes of the Machine

28 Jun 2018 | Posted by Tom Farro


Ever wonder how Augmented Reality apps like gARden know what they’re looking at? Here’s a peek behind the veil of Computer Vision.

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Father's Day

17 Jun 2018 | Posted by Tom Farro


Back at the Mass DiGI Game Challenge, in addition to winning our category, we also won a much more personal award for “Most Heartwarming Inspiration.” That inspiration is my dad.

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Pitch Post-Mortem

07 May 2018 | Posted by Tom Farro


We’re happy to say that gARden made it through the first phase of BostonFIG review process! We’re one step closer to seeing you all at MIT this fall!

This first phase review was based entirely on a video submission about the game, so to celebrate, we thought it might be fun to break down the various pitches we’ve made so far and critique them a bit.

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