We are, for better or worse, no longer working on Tontachi.

As mentioned in our prior post, we started off the year getting contacted about a collaboration opportunity with Tontachi, a virtual pet game. We took the opportunity, because we were interested in the virtual pet genre, and because we were interested in working as part of a larger team.

However, when it came time to renew our contract at the start of April, we declined. Simply put, we found the game’s focus on making the pets into blockchain items ethically unconscionable, as we learned more and more about the logistics behind blockchain and tokens on them. As such, we are no longer associated with the project as of the end of March.

As for resuming work on gARden, we’re not quite sure what the future roadmap is. Kelly and I have both been enjoying having hobbies outside of Game Development for the first time in a while.

And as for the project itself, the longer we worked on it, the more the fundamental flaws became apparent. For instance, we’d like to rely less on big amounts of prefabricated content, because that’s a not sustainable or feasible workflow with our budget of approximately whatever I can afford from my day job salary. To that end, I’m interested in learning about fully procedural mesh generation in Unity, and perhaps pivot to fantasy plants, rather than tasking our artist with churning out endless assets for recreations of real-world plants.

That’s it for now!