Slow Going

30 Jun 2019 | Posted by Tom Farro


We went to Boston Playcrafting. Our friends got married. We got a tortoise!

Summer has been slow going for us, upsettingly enough. We’ve definitely wanted to get more done, faster. But we’ve been busy with some other things!

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Spring Play

03 May 2019 | Posted by Tom Farro


On Saturday, May 11th, we’ll be at District Hall as part of Boston Playcrafting’s Spring Play event!

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gARden Turns 1!

19 Jan 2019 | Posted by Tom Farro


Today marks 1 year of extremely part-time development for gARden! While it’s definitely hard to maintain a steady trend of progress in addition to our full-time jobs, we wanted to share some info about where we are now, compared to then

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