An augmented reality gardening app for mobile devices!


Using printable real-world markers, you can decorate your desk, office or home with digital plants, which require even less maintenance than real ones! The plants are persistently stored, and grow in real time, so you can watch them blossom as the days go by.

Check out our cool pitch video for more details!

Development for gARden started mid-January as part of a hackathon project at WPI. We loved the idea so much that we devided to keep working on it, even after the event. Most recently, gARden was the category winner for “Indie” at the Mass DiGI Game Challenge in 2018.

Additional Credits

The 3D art assets for gARden are the wonderful work of our friend Chelsea Saunders.

Chelsea Saunders

Chelsea also goes by the alias PIXELATEDCROWN! She make things on the computer.